We all need a little play

I had an epiphany about play on my way home from work. It took me back to my Masters program in Recreation and Tourism Management. One of the intro classes I took before even starting the… Continue reading

Balance is hard to achieve

Whether in work, life, mind, body, family, friends, achieving balance in our life is something we all strive towards. I found myself pondering why it’s so hard to achieve this evening as I… Continue reading

Lilies are poisonous to cats

I sure did not know lilies can be poisonous to cats until I brought a plant into the house overnight to take it to the office the next morning. Izzy, our cat, went… Continue reading

Gardening is not as complicated as it seems

As an inexperienced gardener and someone who managed to kill more plants than I care to admit last year, I find it ironic to sit here and write about gardening not being as… Continue reading

I could change people’s mind about food

This past weekend, I hosted a Nutrition Workshop. It which consisted of a Health Coach talking about the benefits and reasons for a plant based diet along with a food demo. In case… Continue reading

Pressure cookers are not as scary as they seem

If Dave can do it, anyone can do it. He knows I mean no harm by that too. Last week Dave was nice enough to help me with the cooking tasks I started… Continue reading

They’re selling us food-like products

Those that know me know I’ve cleaned up my diet and am more health conscious now. They may also know I really enjoy watching food documentaries. The term food-like products is used to coin products… Continue reading

Cauliflower makes great hot wings

It feels like forever since my last post and many meals later, I have decided to report on my new favorite appetizer. I am seriously going to make this for every party/special occasion… Continue reading

Raising your ring finger is impossible

Seriously, try it! I was stopped at a light on the freeway off-ramp, minutes from being home for a night of cooking, and looked down at my finger to admire my ring. Trying… Continue reading

Rinsing is very important in cooking

Have you ever read a recipe that said to rinse your lentils before cooking them and just skipped right over that part? It seems so minuscule and is the easiest step to cut out when… Continue reading