Going vegan would be so much fun

In the past couple of weeks, I have (along with my lovely partner) made a decision to try the transition to become vegan. I have been vegetarian for six years as of this summer (excluding the rare occasions of  eating fish.. sushi was the hardest thing to give up!) and Dave has been vegetarian for about 5 years.

We have some friends that have been vegan for something around 10 years which I found that to be pretty impressive. After many interesting conversations and much experimentation in my (new) kitchen as a vegetarian, I thought “Why not!?” All I really had to sub was Earth Balance for regular butter and stop buying cheese! We both stopped drinking cow milk years ago which made almond milk a staple in the house. So needless to say, it was easy enough to make the decision to go vegan. Although I thought I’d miss the cheese (I really did enjoy the occasional wine and cheese combo), it really has not been something I’ve craved.

Now, for the additions. I know it seems like a simple staple that I would occasionally have in the pantry, but I have seriously increased the use of nuts in my vegan journey than as a vegetarian. Namely, cashews! Man, do they make a mean cheese substitute. The other ingredient that I had used before but began using much more frequently (especially in desserts) was coconut oil. Such a great and flavorful substitute.

So that’s the back story but where did going vegan turn to be so much fun you ask? Well, for those that like to cook, this is self explanatory, experimenting in the kitchen and trying new recipes is fun! Picking out new recipes to try and experimenting with food and kitchen gadgets, new and old, is quite enjoyable. Plus, I get to create a healthful, delicious meal to share with others. I get to whip up food that peaks the curiosity of others as to how there were no animal products used and relish as they savor the yumminess.

I hope to make this blog another part of that fun I have in the kitchen (without all the clean up!) and share some of the lessons I learn along the way. This blog is not going to be solely about food but since that does seem to be turning out to be a passion of mine, it may just be a heavy influence. I plan to start sharing pictures of the stuff I make once I figure out how to photograph it better (and get a laptop to be able to upload more easily). But nonetheless, I hope to inspire others to try something new and see for themselves that cooking (and going vegan) can be a lot of fun!

Here’s a snapshot of our dinner last night 🙂