I’d be marrying a reluctant adventurer

I am very happily engaged to a wonderful man who is my partner in crime, my sweetheart and cuddle bug (hopefully that will be it for the cheeze!) I could not have found a more caring, kind, respectful and honest person who makes me look forward to sharing a life together. We are undoubtedly a great match despite our occasional differences.

One of those differences which I most recently embraced was our need for adventure. Now we have had many an adventure together before (having made it out of the grand canyon will probably go down a the most memorable and intense to date) but our adventure last week is where the term reluctant adventurer was born. A term which suits Mr. David Sais perfectly!

You see, Dave is a pretty straight forward type of guy. He would rather do what he knows, is used to and what feels safe.  Some may call it boring but I call it practical and who can blame him?! Very understandable approach. But if you know me, you may know that I can be a bit of a thrill seeker, a risk taker, an adventurer. So when we went on vacation during my birthday week I managed to have some good pull on what we did. I did the planning as I usually do for our trips and thinking I had adequate information for a road trip from Lone Pine to Roseville to San Fran, we set out on an undoutable adventure.

We were more than prepared for camping in bear country, eating yummy vegan meals throughout the day, enjoying a great hike on the Whitney Trail (maybe not prepared for unannounced rain storms but that didn’t worry us.) So after two nights of camping we set out to go to Roseville, where my uncle lives and we would be staying another two nights.

Now, anyone that has driven around California (or that wants to look this up on google maps to confirm), can attest that there is no direct route to the 5 from Lone Pine which would be the most obvious way to Roseville (30 minutes outside Sacramento). And in my research, the most direct route happened to be continuing up the 395 to the 89 to go the back way to get to the 80. What google maps did not inform me about this route is that we were to drive through the rugged, mountainous back roads of the Sierras and Tahoe region. Not to mention with unpredictable lightning, thunder and raindrops the size of an orange hitting the window! I guess it was a good thing I was driving because as tense as I was behind the wheel, I could tell Dave was not a happy camper. Granted his car was being put through a myriad of obstacles which it had not anticipated, it was the only way through!

After driving through what felt like the trenches and avoiding an encounter with one horrible thing after the next, we finally made it off the windy 89 and got to the 50. From there, I had planned to stop at a farm to do some berry and apple picking. Well, it was a good thing I chose 3 farms because the first two were closed! At this point, I could tell the blood in my lovely and (usually patient) man was turning a boil. He did not want to be driving any more than we had to be and I was taking him all around town trying to find a darn farm to pick berries from! Well, my determination paid off and we finally got to relax and pick some blueberries (under a pretty relentless sun). The drive from the farm to my uncle’s place was longer than I anticipated and I was quite frankly exhausted at that point. But we pushed on and got through to make it to a warm shower which has never felt so good.

The next day we had the awesome opportunity to go out on the lake with my uncle’s speed boat and enjoy the calm relaxation of a lake (plus 3 kids jumping in and out of it). Our last leg of the trip was to San Francisco which was a wild card in planning. I knew I wanted to go there for the good food and to do some of the less touristy things but I had not been there in a long time and was not sure what to expect. We got to stay with a friend who lives in the Mission, smack dab in the middle of the city. Great for getting around but will also give you a good look at the harsh reality that the less fortunate live. Taking the bus from the Mission to the Golden Gate State Park was quite the adventure but the park was absolutely lovely, very quaint and peaceful, extensive with so much greenery and natural form of life, quite the sight!

Our trip overall had a lot of reflection, a lot of thinking and pondering and a lot of adventuring! We went from the rural peace of the mountains to the surreal conveniences of suburbia to the nit and gritty struggles of urban living. We got to experience the natural, superficial and harsh sides of life and in return found a greater appreciation for what we are fortunate enough to have, to have experienced and to confirm not wanting to experience. We were brought closer by this crazy adventure, regardless of whether Dave was reluctant along the way or not.

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