Oatmeal can taste so good

Breakfast at our house is still a work in progress. I have not found a way to add variety throughout the week to achieve the nutritional benefits breakfast is supposed to impart on your day. I am also striving to be a morning person and wake up early enough to make breakfast on a daily basis.

Anyway, in a typical week, I will ask Dave whether he wants oatmeal at least 2-3 times since it’s the easiest thing to whip up in the morning. And I usually get a “no thanks” or some hesitation as he contemplates whether he wants to eat at all or face the treachery of oatmeal. I’m not sure what he has against oatmeal because I will eat regardless of what it’s paired with. I like how dense and filling it is, and adding some nuts and dried fruit, raisins or even fresh fruit to it always does the trick for me. But not Dave. I usually have to sprinkle some chocolate chips in his oatmeal for him to get through the bowl.

So this morning when I asked whether he wanted oatmeal for breakfast and the answer was yes, I knew I had to reward him for not resisting the one thing I was willing to make for breakfast on a Friday morning. And so, after my long winded introduction, I present you with … S’moresmeal! Yes, oatmeal made to taste like s’mores! As I mentioned in the last post, we went camping during our adventure last week and I picked up some vegan marshmallows at Whole Foods to make s’mores. They’re not the healthiest thing you can put in your oatmeal but they sure made for a fun and good looking breakfast! And a creation of my own which I am proud of.

2 servings

2 cups water brought to a rolling boil
2/3 cups of coaches oats (my favorite oats but any will do)
2-3 pieces of your favorite chocolate
handful of marshmallows
couple of graham crackers

Add the oats to boiling water and allow to return to a boil. Put on simmer for about 5 minutes (or per instructions on oats) and when close to being done, throw in chocolate and marshmallows to allow for melting. Stir in well and get all the oats covered with the yummy gooeyness! Enjoy warm with a graham cracker on the side 🙂

I knew oatmeal could taste good 😉