Eggplant is a fruit!

Okay, I actually did know that eggplant is a fruit prior to deciding to make Eggplant Parmesan last night but am still amused by this adaptable fruit’s use in pasta dishes. For those whose interest is peaked, click here to read more.

We had our dear friends Danica and Ian over last night as a send off for their honeymoon which gave me the perfect reason to try the new Eggplant recipe I found. I know some may cringe at the thought of cooking something for the first time when having guests but this is my method of experimentation. I find that if it doesn’t turn out, I just apologize vigorously and try to pinpoint what went wrong, turning it into a lesson learned for all involved. But mostly, I just try really hard to make sure it turns out 😀

Luckily for our guests, this recipe turned out really yummy. The eggplant was SO good and meaty, I can’t wait to make it again.

Here are the sources of inspiration for the dish:
(I am so impressed by people that can take as good photos of their food as are in these post.) I paired my eggplant with much more scattered spinach and some deliciously simple pasta courtesy of:


We also had these delicious toasts as an appetizer:


My lesson learned from this meal is that carbs (even in just the form of breadcrumbs) can really add up and become too heavy. I could tell that everyone was feeling slightly heavier after the meal but we were sending them off to Italy after all!
This meal also made great leftovers which I enjoyed oh so thoroughly at my desk 🙂 Maybe it was the appetizer that was too carb heavy?


On a side note, I’ve been wanting to try this recipe ( since I saw it and I finally go to tonight. I was a little worried about the nuttiness in this recipe and how it would work but this is one of those “you have try it to believe it” kind of things. Though it does not resemble the texture and “gooey-ness” of a traditional cinnamon bun, the flavor is definitely there and the fact that it actually has very healthy ingredients (unless you are seriously watching your calorie and fat intake) is pretty impressive. I just wish I came up with it!