October is Vegan Month of Food!

I sure did not! I did know that  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the month in which Dave and I plan to get married, but now with Vegan Month of Food, it is officially my favorite month! October also brings my favorite season – fall with it, which you would not know if you are anywhere in Southern California today. With averages of 100 degrees, we are experiencing one heck of a hot start to fall.

One of the reasons I love fall so much is the food.  Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the year, hands down. As much as the message to give thanks on one day rather than every day used to bother me, I learned to forgive the silly purpose of the holiday and embrace all the wonderful cooking options. I already have a number of ideas and recipes I cannot wait to try this holiday season on my Pinterest “I can’t wait for Thanksgiving” Board! One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving over the years we have been dating has become that we get to enjoy several meals around this holiday. We have a Thanksgiving dinner with Dave’s families on both sides, with my family, with friends and at work (I think the work one is just me). But the many different occasions that our families and friends orchestrate give me the perfect opportunity to try many different recipes. Even though none of his family members are vegetarian, they usually rave about the food anyway. My favorite memory was last year, when Dave’s 12-year old cousin tried a Seitan Roulade I had made and could not stop raving how much he liked it!

As I eagerly await the true feeling and seasoning of fall to set in, I also plan to join fellow bloggers in an effort to post a minimum of 20 posts this month in honor of Vegan Month of Food. I do not have a recipe for today, just the links to some above but here is a picture of an Olive Tapenade on a Sweet Sesame Crostini with Cashew Cheeze. The bread is definitely worth posting but I’ll have to remember to take pictures of the steps next time I make it, which I hope is soon 🙂


And my favorite raw dessert – Triple Chocolate Cream Cake with a little raspberry pizzaz!