Reviewing a restaurant would happen here

Tonight was my first time checking out a new restaurant since my vacation in August. The occasion was my future mother-in-laws birthday. The restaurant was vestation or as they write it veSTATION. We were originally going to go with just myself, my fiancé and his mom. An hour before leaving work, I learned his grandparents were joining us. This normally would not be an issue if we were going to a familiar restaurant but I was the one who chose the spot and the unknown variables could have led to unknown results. Fortunately, we were all pleasantly surprised with great food, great service and good ambiance. It is a simple little restaurant but their food is really quite good. You can tell it’s fresh and we chose some very flavorful dishes. I had the Northern Thai Khao Soi which had buckwheat noodles and yummy cauliflower, kimchi and curry. Yum. Dave and his mom had Pad Thai which was really good too. Grandma had Ginger Quinoa and Fried Rice and grandpa had Pineapple Fried Rice. Each item came with a choice of tofu, soy chicken, soy fish or soy steak. In honor of the birthday girl, we requested a dessert and this lovely creation came out:

ImageThis was probably the hit of the evening. Either we all have a serious sweet tooth or this coconut ice cream is really good. Dave’s grandpa liked it so much, he requested a second bowl! It was equally as delicious.

All our plates were pretty much cleaned plus the two ice cream dishes. Overall, I would give this relatively new (7 months in business) vegan joint a 4.5 star rating and look forward to going back! You should check it out too 🙂

P.S. If you are not one of the close to 9 million people who has seen this, please watch it, you will thank me!
Call your girlfriend by Lennon and Maisy Stella