Vegan cooking nights are popular

What a good looking taco soup! In anticipation of the winter that is never to come here, this makes me really wish it would get cold sooner so I can enjoy a lovely bowl of homemade soup topped with avocado! P.S. I am calling my nights of cooking with non-vegan friends Healthy cooking nights but “Healthy Cravings” is a much more creative name, kudos!

My Plant-Based Family

I’ve had a lot going on lately and it’s not slowing down any time soon. This week I’m hosting another Healthy Cravings group in my home. Healthy Cravings is simply a gathering of ladies who want to learn more about eating a whole food, plant-based diet. Ok, a lot of them just want to learn how to lose weight, some just want to show up for the food, but others are poised to make one of the biggest changes in their lives and reclaim their health.

This months menu isn’t completely decided but most of it is worked out, at least in my mind. I’ll be making Chili and Taco Soup. I’m also planning to serve pumpkin cupcakes or cakes (haven’t decided on that) and I’ll be sharing that recipe no later than next week. Last time I had twice as many people RSVP than actually showed up and…

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