Going vegan can make you wheat thin!

Getting ready for work this morning was a slight struggle as I picked through articles of clothing. In an effort to look professional, match and add a little style, I could not find any clothes that fit and it was taking forever to pick an outfit! My clothes were not fitting well at all and it was making me late. Some would think that is great but I was annoyed because I had just spent over $50 to have three articles of clothing altered to fit me better. While at work, I had three of the girls point out to me that I’ve lost weight and ask what I’ve been doing. Embarrassed by the fact that I had not even thought about losing weight, let alone worked out consistently for close to a year, I got red in the face and blamed it on my recent switch to a vegan diet. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about losing weight, I just have not been meaning to nor have I noticed and so it came as more of a shock.

I have made several lifestyle changed, one of which was buying a house and moving in with my wonderful soon to be husband, another of which was going vegan. Amidst all these changes, I decided to start a blog to share some things I have found as healthy eating ideas with family and friends. I do understand that our society is concerned with weight and am sure all of us have struggled with weight to some extent, coming up with their own take on this topic. In my experience of weight fluctuation, I have learned that finding a lifestyle change that works with your daily routine and sticking to it is the key.

As someone who enjoys cooking, going vegan was easy for me. I make the grocery lists in our household, decide what to cook and how frequently to cook. I guess you could say this is my outlet, Dave’s is music and it works for us. So making the exclusion of eggs, cheese and butter (plus the occasional ice cream treat) was not hard. Adding the extra ingredients was perhaps a little harder but I love the creativity I have with the restrictions. The hardest part for me is planning and sticking to it. My discussions about what has lead to my weight loss prompted me to reflect and consider what my weekly diet looked like to ensure I am eating enough and getting enough nutrients. Well, thankfully since starting this blog I have also started to remember to take pictures of food I made. Here are pictures of our dinners over the past couple nights:

Taco Seasoned Tofu with Rice and Guac

Brown Rice with Lentils and mushroom spinach sautee

Quinoa which was served with lentils left over from above

Chickpea salad with roasted red pepper hummus

Breakfast has been a little more tough because I’m always running out of the house so I have resorted to cliff bars, bananas and apples this week. Although Sunday’s breakfast was a nice stack of fluffy pancakes!

Lunch has usually been left overs from dinner the night prior with no pictures to share but I’m sure you get the idea. Now I’m off to figure out whether to gain some weight back or spend money to alter clothes/buy new clothes. Decisions decisions.

Looking forward to sharing some new recipes I am going to try and report back.