GMOs would be A OK ‘n CA

I usually do not invest my emotions in politics, mostly because there are so many out there with vested interests greater than mine to speak for, against and in the middle of what I believe. I do not flaunt my opinion for this reason but for the record, I do consider myself liberal and in support of social equality.

California’s had an opportunity today (and for the past 3 weeks for absentee voters) to make a decision to “Label it.” Proposition 37 was written to require labeling of “food sold to consumers made from plants or animals with genetic material changed in specific ways” and to “prohibit marketing such food, or other processed food, as ‘natural'” (California General Election Official Voter Information Guide, 2012).  Yes there are exemptions. No it was not perfect. But I cannot understand how we can accept an ingredient called “natural flavor” in our food.  Although I prefer to buy whole food that has not been processed and thus not requiring labeling, but even produce which looks natural is not labeled properly. Did you know that tomatoes are genetically modified to withstand colder conditions and last longer? Not to mention to look more perfect for us consumers. Just like we know the ingredients on our food, we should know whether they have been modified or injected with anything that we would not otherwise anticipate or expect. I hope there is a way to implement this sooner than later and help everyone who eats understand the importance of making responsible and conscious choices about what we are eating.

Food around the house has been in ebb and flow when it comes to creativity. I bought bulk organic whole wheat pasta and have gone through 3 out of the 8 packs. The first time was this lovely creation of pasta topped with lacinato kale and sautéed mushrooms.

Over the weekend I made pasta with this sauce from Sweet Beet and Green Bean with Eggplant Parmesan from Oh She Glows . The sauce did not come out great because I did not have silk tofu, only firm and I did not use small pasta, rather spaghetti. The eggplant came out great as usual but notice for those who think extra salt will get the extra bitterness out, it does not. It just makes the eggplant super salty. Just use a little, enough to get the eggplant to release juice and then wash that salt off well!

Here are the only pictures I was able to capture from these past busy, hectic and non-blogging weeks.

(P.S.  Note to self – Next year’s month of food requiring 20 posts in the month should be avoided due to other activities which will take priority <3)