Avoiding turkey on Thanksgiving would be so easy

I recently saw a very disturbing video via a post on a Facebook page I follow. I contemplated and debated reposting because of the impact it may have on others but decided it would be something better to share via my blog. The video is a hidden-camera investigation behind Butterball’s factory farms and abuse of turkeys. Again, the video is disturbing so please watch at your discretion, but do watch if you have considered giving up eating two legged creatures.

The past 6 years, I have not consumed a turkey during the Thanksgiving holiday, though I cannot say I have saved a bird with this decision as it is usually at the tables I eat my meals anyway. However, over the past 6 years, I have been impressed with how many alternative options there are to turkey! I started out my first couple vegetarian holiday’s with the traditional pre-made Tofurky which I did enjoy. The following years I used other substitutes like fields roast veggie ham roast. Last year was the first year I decided to get creative! I  made a tofurky from scratch as well as a seitan roulade, both of which were delish!

The best part of Thanksgiving, besides the fall season and foods which I love, has been the number of occasions we participate in during the holiday. After meeting my partner, my Thanksgiving dinners doubled, from one with my family and one with my college friends to two more with each side of his family. Two years ago, I started hosting a dinner at work for our students and this year will be our 3rd Annual event. Although it may sound overwhelming, I love having this many opportunities to eat the large variety of fall dishes.

This year, I started even earlier, trying to get as many recipes in for the week as possible, I started with a Roasted Butternut Alfredo with brown rice pasta. This was paired with a Seitan Chicken Fried Steak and Cheezy-Creamy Broccoli Casserole.

The first official dinner with Dave’s family featured a very delicious Cornbread which I cannot wait to make again, Butternut squash mac and cheeze and Mashed potatoes with wild mushroom gravy.

Needless to say, Thanksgiving has started off on a warm, yummy and family fun time note, despite the rain.

Can’t wait for more!