I’m Mexican on the inside

I am referring to my palette of course. For those who do not know, I am originally of European decent and was born in Ukraine. I speak Russian and consider myself Russian but when it comes to my cooking, you may as well call me a proud Mexican! My last post about Mexican cuisine featured winging flavor, and when it comes to Mexican food, I will not hesitate. Granted my roots may not allow the flavors to be as bold and spicy, they have been enriched more and more. Notably the development has grown within the past 5 wonderful years of dating my half Mexican, half Peruvian partner.

Although this is not in theme with my passion for great Thanksgiving dishes as noted in my last post, it is a long overdue post of the last couple of Mexican food nights we’ve had. My favorite dish to make is fresh guacamole but as I mentioned in the other post, I do not have a recipe with precise measurements because I always just wing it! The cashew cheese below is leftovers from the enchiladas.

These are quite literally the best enchilada’s I think I’ve ever had. One of the best parts about them is that they are healthy and full of nutrition! How can they not be when they’ve got kale and cashews right? The other part I like is that they only have two ingredient wrapped up inside. Of course this can be modified and the picture below actually has half filled with a mushroom and red onion sauté. In any case, they are a must try and you must try them! This is the third time I’ve made them and first time I’ve had a chance to snap a photo 😉

This enchilada sauce is my other favorite. Number one, it is homemade and number two, it is homemade. I can’t imagine anyone believes that processed and store bought is better than homemade but convenience is an inconvenient truth in our culture.

If you are ever craving enchiladas or have been looking for a good recipe, I seriously recommend you try this one, you will thank me later!

Share your favorite Mexican food recipes in the comments section!