I could have so much fun in the kitchen

Maybe too much fun! I have to admit that I went a little overboard for this Thanksgiving holiday. Maybe because it’s our first holiday in our new home or maybe it’s because I want to try EVERY recipe that looks good. In any case, fall is my favorite season and holiday food is my second favorite cuisine next to Mexican. All excuses aside, this Thanksgiving has been an overload of experimentation with new recipes which began last weekend.

Thanksgiving themed meals continued on Tuesday for my fifth anniversary celebration. I was coming home late after a Thanksgiving dinner I hosted for students at work and needed something quick and simple. Thus, pressure cooker mashed potatoes with gardein crispy tenders with left over gravy were deliciously improvised.

Yesterday, we had a stop for appetizers with my in laws and I made these delicious puff pastries with mushrooms. I plan on making this again and leave out the puff pastry and serve with crackers instead. Either way, this is definitely going in the books as a keeper. It’s also worth pointing out that the pumpkin seeds not only add a little protein but also have health benefits like antioxidants and minerals.

Our final destination on Thanksgiving day was dinner with my folks. It may seem like I made a feast, as if I was having company and they were only bringing sides. But having eaten most of the left overs in one day, I think I made just the right amount 🙂

We have another batch of that delicious, addictive cornbread.

A lentil and mushroom loaf.

The best seitan mushroom roast with wild rice stuffing.

Mushroom gravy.

Homemade cranberry sauce – follow your heart recipe book.

Pumpkin banana walnut muffins.


Pumpkin pie.

Whew. Let me take a breath before continuing on how much fun it was to make all this. I started prep work with the pies and some measurements (mostly flour) on Wednesday evening. OH! I almost forgot!! That night I also made most awesome soup with bread bowl recipe ever!!! You have to try it.


Glad I remembered to share that one. Hopefully you’re not on sensory overload because now I’d like you to imagine me dancing in the kitchen, excited about all this yummy food all morning and early afternoon Thursday. Now that’s what I call a holiday! Bring on round 3 😉