Rinsing is very important in cooking

Have you ever read a recipe that said to rinse your lentils before cooking them and just skipped right over that part? It seems so minuscule and is the easiest step to cut out when you’re in a hurry to get a meal together. I know I’ve thought the same thing but lately as I’ve gotten more into cooking, I’ve realized rinsing is really important! We  rinse our veggies so why don’t we thinking rinsing grains and beans are in need of rinsing. Whether lentils, quinoa, rice or beans, the bottom line is you just have to do it. If you want to see why, stick a bowl underneath a small colander  and run some water over your item of choice. Red lentils in particular, will produce a white filmy residue which I imagine has a flavor your recipe did not call for. Kudos to those that make time to do this in their cooking and hoping the rest will start!

On another note, I wanted to write about my experimentation with several great recipes this past week. It was my first time this year using my pressure cooker when I found this great recipe. I’ve been reluctant in using the contraption, as was the blogger posting, but the recipe sounded good and I had all the ingredients. It taught me a new technique of  cooking the veggies in the pressure cooker on water. I loved the way the lentils turned out, so delicious and tender but something seemed different from the sites version. I shrugged and enjoyed it served on top of my absolutely favorite rice recipe. It was a delicious meal!

20130102_205522 20130102_205703

Later that evening as I was cleaning up, I realized why my soup had turned out so thick and dark when I found the can of coconut milk sitting next to the stove untouched. I’m not so sure that was bad because this now lentil dahl was so versatile, it created 3 new meals over the next 3 days. Who ever said messing up a recipe would be bad?

20130105_194553 (1)
Brown rice mixed with lentil dahl alongside a Kale and quinoa salad, adpated from Ambitious Kitchen

Here are some of the other recipes I tried this past week:

20121231_160618 (1)
The most amazing orange glazed Tempeh from Color Me Vegan.

20130105_195853 (1)
Cream of leek and kale soup

I just love cooking!!