Raising your ring finger is impossible

Seriously, try it! I was stopped at a light on the freeway off-ramp, minutes from being home for a night of cooking, and looked down at my finger to admire my ring. Trying to single it out the way you would hold up a one or point your index finger, I tried to repeat the gesture with my ring finger without success. I tried every other finger, the pinkie finger makes an “I” in sign language when held up singularly and we all know what the middle finger means but why is the ring finger incapable of rising on its own?! Being my curious self, I had to find out. While I couldn’t find the exact scientific explanation, this Yahoo Answer sounded pretty sufficient to me. Sounds to me like the ligaments from the ring finger are connected to the middle finger and prevent it from moving without the middle finger. Another strange trick to see this is to to fold your middle finger towards the palm, set the rest of the fingers on a flat surface and try lifting the remaining fingers one by one. Index and pinkie lift easily but the ring finger feels as if it’s glued to the table! Crazy!


I know that was not at all food related, but to make up, I have a bunch of pictures I have not been able to post. Here are some of the breakfasts we’ve had lately.

Red potato, tofu, spinach, mushroom hash served in a wrap with salsa topping.

If you’re vegan and haven’t tried a chickpea omelette, it is a must!!

20121230_120833 (11)
Banana walnut chocolate chip pancakes

This was a soup I tried out the other night, came out pretty good but I added so much water, the curry flavor was not enough. Will have to retry and double the curry. Original post was for a Curry Stew from Oh She Glows but hers was modified from Martha Stewart and mine was cooked Martha’s way with the addition of greens thanks to Angela’s blog. If I try it again, I’d go with Angela’s method but add a little more water.


And this was the meal from tonight. I sort of threw it together with some inspiration from the Color Me Vegan cookbook. That book has become a total go to for me and it’s actually helping me learn rather than just copy and pasting. I really like the way it’s laid out too, it’s just an overall great book! Check it out 🙂


On a closing note, here’s a slice of Coconut cream pie I made for New Years. It was so rich and sweet that it took a little over a week to eat. It was good but I don’t think I’d make it again.


Oh and I know it’s been 3 months but meet our kitty cat Izzy!!