Pressure cookers are not as scary as they seem

If Dave can do it, anyone can do it. He knows I mean no harm by that too. Last week Dave was nice enough to help me with the cooking tasks I started over the weekend. It began with my soaking chickpeas in anticipation of making hummus and my chickpea salad as I now refuse to buy canned. I had worked late all last week so they were sitting in the fridge, ready to be cooked. A week or two prior, I had thrown them in the pressure cooker and was amazed at not only how quickly they cooked (versus a slow cooker – all day, or stove top in a pot – an hour) but also how soft and tender they became. The flavor that you can get from throwing some simple ingredients in there along with the chickpeas was incredible as well. So having done this recently, I typed up all the instructions for Dave in an email and went to tutor while he went home to pressure cook chickpeas. I gave him all the warning signs and reiterated that the pressure valve needs to pop up or else there could be trouble. Without a doubt, they came out perfect and were ready for roasting by the time I got home. I don’t have  a recent picture of this salad but this is the original blog I posted about it, highly recommend it.

Red beans prepared via pressure cooker over rice


Tacos have been a hot commodity for busy times because they’re so easy to warm up and fill quickly. And who can ever deny a yummy taco!


Even more pictures to come soon!