They’re selling us food-like products

Those that know me know I’ve cleaned up my diet and am more health conscious now. They may also know I really enjoy watching food documentaries. The term food-like products is used to coin products that have minimal nutritional benefits but are far more appealing and seemingly filling than real foods. “Hungry For Change” is a documentary that sheds a bright light on the food-like product problem we are faced with today. The epitome of this is the pomegranate blueberry Total brand cereal which has neither of those two ingredients in it. Here is a trailer for the flick which I highly recommend*.  Although there are very few foods I found myself having to throw away from my pantry after watching, the comparison made between sugar and cocaine is unnerving. In short, sugar and food like products are the true cause of the obesity epidemic, not carbs, fats and lack of exercise as the weight loss industry would tell us. I have been using unprocessed organic sugar, agave nectar and/or brown sugar prior to the documentary but now want to tell everyone I know to make the switch too! And to implement moderation of its use, benefits of which i have also experienced. Therein lies the challenge with learning such information. I cannot impose it on others, just share and hope they make the right decisions. Thus, I encourage you to watch the movie and make decisions based on your own interpretation of it and additional information that is readily available.

Here is what I’ve been eating lately:

Pesto Quinoa with Kale over BBQ Tempeh with Roasted Carrots


Arugula and Lentil Salad with Sun-dried Tomato


I know this post was a long time coming but I will figure out how to fit blogging into my routine more efficiently in the years to come. I have plenty more pictures on lay away that I cannot wait to share so stay tuned!

*Disclaimer about the documentary: there is an awkward girl who is living out the symptoms described by the documentary which some may find odd. Try to focus on the information and not her, she’s there to help us relate though I’m sure we can all agree it was unnecessary.