Lilies are poisonous to cats

I sure did not know lilies can be poisonous to cats until I brought a plant into the house overnight to take it to the office the next morning. Izzy, our cat, went crazy trying to get it as I moved it around while searching the internet to determine if  it was poisonous to cats, which it is – if digested. I’ve never seen him so feverish to try  to and get to something he couldn’t have.  Thankfully, we realized something was wrong before he too close to it and I stuck it in my car to calm him down but PHEW that was a close call! Seasoned pet owners are probably laughing at me but seriously, if you get a pet, check those poisonous plants before you bring them in the house… now I know.

To make it up to Izzy, I am dedicating a whole post to just him, no food, all cat.

Izzy first came home with us in October of 2012 when his original owner Leanna decided that he would have a better life in our home than in her garage. This is what he looked like when we picked him up from Leanna:


He acclimated to our house within a couple of days initially , finding all the good hiding spots at first and keeping us up all night the first couple of nights.  We began to learn that he is one big and curious kitty;

20121029_220826 20130209_110740 20130120_112020 20130104_203801 20121227_19105520130125_174952 20121118_132910 20121117_114306


That he makes the cutest faces when he sleeps;

20121231_091613 20121202_215319 20121122_010610 20121114_215942 20121112_212937 20121108_001341 20121027_154742 20121027_184050 20130325_211220 20130310_180008 20130227_001512 20121217_234414 20121209_231616



That he loves to play, when he’s interested of course;

SAM_1702 SAM_1705 20121116_103331 20121118_081324 20121022_190238


And that he loves to hang out on Dave’s chest!

20130220_205007 20130207_201934 20130224_211632  20121231_173217 20121202_194807 20130113_145211


Izzy has become our little bear cat, panther, ferocious lion and a great addition to our family.



For more pictures of Izzy, check out his facebook page!