Balance is hard to achieve

Whether in work, life, mind, body, family, friends, achieving balance in our life is something we all strive towards. I found myself pondering why it’s so hard to achieve this evening as I reflected on my day, my month, my year. I have had many imbalances throughout the year and while some have started to come to a resting and balanced state, others are still acting whacky!

A good friend of mine recently provided me with a tarot reading for a second time after having done the first one not too long ago. We were both surprised at the second reading being so balanced compared to the first. The cards all pointed to my work life which was out of balance the first time she read my tarot. This resulted in me reflecting and taking action to improve my imbalance which seemed to work! It was a great feeling of empowerment and awareness of the issues I was facing in the first reading and progress I had made during the second.

As I thought of imbalances tonight in the world – hunger versus wasted food; technology hindering our intelligence versus allowing us to advance at a rate our brains cannot keep up – I could not help but reflect on the relatively insignificant imbalances I am still currently facing. Having found workplace balance, I still find myself struggling with balancing my time to do everything I take on. Writing thank you notes for guests that attended my wedding, organizing my home and massive recipe collection, participating in my community, and the list can go on. My creative balance is off as a result and is difficult to reignite seeing that life, work and family are easy to prioritize over reading, writing (hence the long overdue post) and cooking for fun or to blog about (dually noted for the overdue post).

I am also struggling with finding balance with my body. My diet is cleaner now than ever before and while for the most part I feel great (digestive health, stable weight, have not been sick for years), I cannot get my physical body to feel the same balance. I continue to suffer from atopic dermatitis (a chronic form of eczema) and cannot get into an exercise regime.

I wonder what kind of challenges other face with leading a balanced life and having a balanced body. What balances do you struggle with and what have you done to overcome them?
And how does nature achieve such impeccable balance and symmetry?
This is one amazing looking broccoli, I received it earlier this month in my fresh produce delivery and could not marvel enough at it’s beauty before making hot wings out of it!