Recreating a recipe would be so rewarding

I am going to go out on a limb in saying that the best chain restaurant of its kind is California Pizza Kitchen. I ask that you reserve judgement, not only for after… Continue reading

A sweet tooth is curable

I have had a sweet tooth since I was two years old. That’s when, according to my mother, I ate a whole box of chocolates to myself. My sweet tooth only got stronger… Continue reading

I could have so much fun in the kitchen

Maybe too much fun! I have to admit that I went a little overboard for this Thanksgiving holiday. Maybe because it’s our first holiday in our new home or maybe it’s because I… Continue reading

I’m Mexican on the inside

I am referring to my palette of course. For those who do not know, I am originally of European decent and was born in Ukraine. I speak Russian and consider myself Russian but… Continue reading

Avoiding turkey on Thanksgiving would be so easy

I recently saw a very disturbing video via a post on a Facebook page I follow. I contemplated and debated reposting because of the impact it may have on others but decided it… Continue reading


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My blog! Life is so hectic with the new school year that I keep forgetting to check up on WordPress! But, I wanted to share…


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Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan and Thanksgiving Dinner Worthy I’ve made Mashed Potatoes for years but for some reason with Thanksgiving on the horizon I started to wonder if we would be…

GMOs would be A OK ‘n CA

I usually do not invest my emotions in politics, mostly because there are so many out there with vested interests greater than mine to speak for, against and in the middle of what… Continue reading

Going vegan can make you wheat thin!

Getting ready for work this morning was a slight struggle as I picked through articles of clothing. In an effort to look professional, match and add a little style, I could not find… Continue reading

Vegan cooking nights are popular

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I’ve had a lot going on lately and it’s not slowing down any time soon. This week I’m hosting another Healthy Cravings group in my home. Healthy…