Oatmeal can taste so good

Breakfast at our house is still a work in progress. I have not found a way to add variety throughout the week to achieve the nutritional benefits breakfast is supposed to impart on… Continue reading

I’d be marrying a reluctant adventurer

I am very happily engaged to a wonderful man who is my partner in crime, my sweetheart and cuddle bug (hopefully that will be it for the cheeze!) I could not have found… Continue reading

Going vegan would be so much fun

In the past couple of weeks, I have (along with my lovely partner) made a decision to try the transition to become vegan. I have been vegetarian for six years as of this… Continue reading

I would start a real blog

After much deliberation and consideration, I decided to move from the LiveJournal diary type blogging to the real kind of blogging. The kind where you can capture a diverse audience and inform them… Continue reading